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Company / Philosophy

Our slogan "Filtration is our passion" does not only refer to the quality of our products. An open, cooperative and constructive dialogue with our customers, our suppliers and our employees contributes to a positive product process, which for us is the basis of customer satisfaction and thus the prerequisite for our economic success.

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important criterion of the long-term company strategy. Investments are to be made regularly in order to maintain our competitiveness.

Motivated employees are the most important factor for our company to remain successful. An open information policy promotes entrepreneurial thinking among all employees. The training and further education of our employees is promoted internally and externally within the framework of the existing possibilities. Our employees thus feel integrated, remain motivated and can continuously contribute to our success with new ideas and growing responsibility.

As part of the social community, we are committed to exemplary behaviour towards our employees, our environment, our neighbours in the region, and of course our customers, suppliers and other business partners who are important for our lasting success.

Your contact

Hans-Heinrich Baden
Managing Director 

Phone: +49 (0) 571 64644-0
Email: h.h.baden@~@schulwitz.de

Torsten Schweiger
Authorised representative 

Phone: +49 (0 )571 64644-0
Email: t.schweiger@~@schulwitz.de

What makes us special

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Quality comes first for us

Made in Germany - this is not only a quality feature of Schulwitz GmbH, but also a promise.

We have deliberately chosen Germany as our production location as everything from development to production and processing to sales is managed under the same roof.

In addition, we can rely on our excellent and qualified specialist staff, that reacts quickly and competently to your wishes and is happy to go down new paths in order to constantly optimise our quality for you.

You can rely on this: To ensure the consistently high quality of our products and services, we have installed a seamless quality management system.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Externally certified

To back up our words with deeds, we have decided to get our quality management system externally certified.

This gives you as our customer the certainty that our products are manufactured according to a standardised quality and ensures that your product always arrives with the same high quality standards.

We will be happy to provide you with the relevant certificates if required.



Highest hygiene standards

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) refers to a particularly sensitive approach to the production of your filter media.

Our specially trained staff works with protective equipment and in a disinfected working environment.

From machine oil to needle felt or fabric: only materials approved for food use are used during the production process.

The finished article is then packaged in a food-certified film to exclude any contamination.